Saturday, 3 November 2012

Unknown Resources?

Ok so I have been talking to loads of students and it appears many undergrad and postgrad students are unware of the valuable resources available at Aston so here are some you may find of particular value:

  • Inter-library loans- allows you access to conferences papers, books and journals that; Aston uni doesn't have, you can't locate, anything which is out of print or that has just been published. Its rare that what you are looking for can't be found, but it can happen. Books you get for a month and sometimes longer, to renew its £4.50).
(forms are available to download via the library website, the only critique I have is the need to provide a counter signiture when you make a request, however any staff member from your departmet shall do and its a brilliant resource, especially for dissertations).

  • SCONUL card - this will give you access to universty libs throughout the UK, access is limited and subjecive to the uni you go to (at BCU you can take up to 4 books out and use the computers, but you cannot print or photocopy), fill the form out and take to Aston uni library you will get the card there and then, its quick and easy.
(the form is available to download at:

If anyone would like to hear about anymore resources please let me know, hope what I have put up helps.

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