Friday, 23 November 2012

Horseriding Rocks!!!!!!

So early this month I had my first ever horseriding lesson and it was brilliant. During freshers fair I joined the EqSoc society, giving a £10 joning fee which pays for all transport to riding lessons and it was totally worth it. Horseriding is something I have always wanted to do and now I can!

Also as you can see from above there were some interesting and fun activities and actions for us to do while riding, I know my pose looks odd but hey the instructors asked us to close our eyes and keep our hands in front of us and away from the saddle and attempt to get comfortable riding.

However, its not just about the riding, I have met new people that I may never have talked to or seen otherwise, and the EqSoc does various and quite a few regular social events and some trips throughout the year.

So anyone who thinks they would be interested try, the fees for classes are very reasonable, also the individuals in charge of EqSoc (such as the founder Ross, who is in the above picture) are brilliant in that they are willing to fit riding lessons around your timetable. Plus there is always more than one class.Plus there is no pressure to do more than one class, if its not for you then its not - either way at least you tried something new.

(Just be warned after the class I was fine, but the next day some muscles I didn't really think about said Hi, loudly, for the next two days, with every step I took). My next class is early December and honestly it can't come fast enough.

Here is the contact info for anyone who is interested.

Tel: 07 956 215 284 Email:

 on Facebook:

To find out more about EqSoc, click on the following link for access to a downloadable members booklet, social events calendar, and rider registration form:

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