Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Anyone lost momentum or feeling weighed down by work?

I know we haven’t been at uni for very long, and it may just be me but I’ve found myself losing focus, when I’m studying and reading for my classes the last several days and it was getting really bad.... to the point where I was barely getting anything done.

This in turn led me to playing some recreational games (netball, but I NEVER play  football as its traumatic for those watching me and me since I always get hit by the ball) with friends and family, dong some exercise and taking time to enjoy myself .......... and it seriously helped. My focus has returned and I’m once again getting work done (YAY).

So my advice is make sure you're taking time out for you, whether it’s a day, a few hours or just a few minutes. You’ll work better for it, with that in mind the uni has some great sports clubs, the gym is meant to be fantastic (I still need to join) and just take time to have fun!

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